Netherton Learning Village

Netherton - International Learning Village

- Connecting City and Citizens, Glasgow

In April 2016, 76 people from more than six different countries gathered at the Netherton Community Centre in Glasgow for the first International Learning Village to be hosted in a community to facilitate meaningful conversations and develop social capital between citizens and the public sector.

About the Learning Villages

This Learning Village was the first of a series of three Learning Villages hosted across Europe in Scotland, Sweden and Austria as part of the 6th Social Capital World Forum. The objective of the International Learning Villages was to create a template to deliver long-term relationship building where citizens get the opportunity to become actively involved in working together with the public sector to debate themes of common interest.

The Learning Village approach provides a 'safe container' for conversations that matter and develops a social capital culture based on participation, cooperation and trust.

Learning Village in Glasgow

The Learning Village (LV) in Glasgow  was hosted at the Netherton Community Centre from 8th-9th April, 2016. Participants from the local community as well as the third and public sector came together to 

  • explore the concepts of competent communities  and collective decision-making to explore bottom-up solutions to complex issues in communities 
  • share inspiring stories about local active citizen participation where common  threads emerged about what can make a difference and enable people 
  • look at and delve into 15 ideas for local projects which were put forward to identify their purpose and how to take them forward

The potential is already there - it just needs to be unlocked.

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