The Linthouse Monday Club

The Linthouse Monday Club Project aimed at increasing the connectivity of older people by setting up a sustainable and self-organised club which is run by older people for older people in the Govan community.

Linthouse Housing Association & Assist Social CapitalThe Monday Club was initially started through the initiative of the Linthouse Housing Association (LHA) which had already invested in a previous project - the Linthouse Urban Village (LUV) - as part of an urban regeneration scheme in Govan (Glasgow). For this project, LHA aimed at investing in the relationships with its tenants as well as the wider community, in particular, focussing on older people aged 60 and above.

To carry out the project LHA contracted Assist Social Capital - based on the evidence of the work we had previously carried out with Govanhill Housing Association (see project below) - to increase the community's connections. As the focus of the Monday Club fits in with the aims of the Scottish Government's initiative to reshape the care model for older people, the project support from the Glasgow Transformation Fund managed by the Voluntary Action Fund.

2013-07-01 11.57.14Building on a social capital principles, ASC provided an approach to the Linthouse Monday Club project which made it stand out from other tenant and resident involvement initiatives by aiming at high levels of involvement and participation in the setting-up process of the project. All the club's activities are decided by its members most of which become increasingly involved over time. For that reason the club taps into its members' interests and supports the creation of a strong sustainable network of the Monday Club. This allowed the project to become a self-organised and constituted club over the two year funding period meaning that since the beginning of January 2015 the Monday Club is fully run by its members.

2012-11-27 14.34.39In general, the Monday Club meets every Monday at the LUV café in Govan for a healthy meal before going on its trips or having its IT workshops. The trips are facilitated by the South-West Community Transport and destinations vary every time depending on the interests of the club's members; previous destinations have included the Burrel Collection, the Trossachs as well as bowling and shopping trips. The IT classes are based on the idea of Learning Circles and they are held at the training facilities of LHA.

2012-11-27 13.20.40Another important aspect of the Monday Club is that it aims at establishing collaborative partnerships with other local organisations and projects. Besides the partnerships it has formed with the LHA, South West Community Transport and the LUV Café, it also has developed relationships with The Craft Café, The Food Train, RNIB and The Prenticehall Trust.


Some Quotes:

The Monday Club at Stirling Castle"Everyone member taking part is someone who is not sat at home on their own or going to the doctor"

"An excellent way to make friends in a new area"

"I would never have the confidence or motivation to go to places we have visited on my own but I love to go"


2013-12-16 15.20.24The story of the Monday Club has been shared at the Social Capital World Forum 2013 which was held in Scotland.

- For more information on the Linthouse Monday Club access the final report here: Linthouse Monday Club - Final Report.