Bridging the SDGs: Citizens towards Sustainable Development

We’re pleased to be partnering with Insights US on an exciting new project aimed at generating action-led advice from citizens, to support sustainable economic development within UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

A bit about Insights US… Insights was founded to help decision makers make better decisions that advance our collective welfare. They believe that governments, businesses, local authorities, NGOs and communities require more inclusive decision-making to solve problems and deliver change. The Insights online platform enables communities to promote their collective well-being through their collective wisdom and participation. 

And we aim to do just that – by bridging citizens with the high profile but often intangible UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we will collate activities, ideas, and the collective wisdom of citizens and other key stakeholders on how they can be supported to take an effective role in progress towards the UN SDGs.

We’ll be inviting participants to offer their thoughts and ideas on a specific question (officially released with the launch on the 31st August). We are focusing this engagement on UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, areas dedicated to testing new approaches towards sustainable development where people and the environment co-exist in harmony. 

UNESCO Biospheres welcome local community participation and involvement. They promote innovative approaches to sustainable economic development that fit within diverse social cultural contexts. They celebrate ecological and cultural diversity through collaboration, research and education. The Lima Action Plan, which sets out a global agenda for UNESCO Biospheres for the next ten years, recognises the contribution of entrepreneurs and social enterprises to the Biosphere (C6). With over 600 Biosphere Reserves worldwide, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to showcase sustainable living around the world.

We will be reaching out to local people, social entrepreneurs, social enterprises, business owners, to biosphere managers, and local authorities. The insights generated will then be collated into a Community Insights Report for decision-makers and citizens and will be available on the open-access OASIIS Platform.


Bridging the SDGs launches on August 31st; watch this space!


With the financial support of the EU

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Opening Access (OASIIS) for Innovate4Climate

BARCELONA, 24-25 May 2017. This week the innovate4climate summit takes place in Barcelona and we will be joining the event. Innovate4climate aims at addressing the Paris Agreement calling for global economic transformation by bringing together

(...) the sectors driving the future of climate finance and markets, (...) leading experts, technology and financing providers, institutions and corporations to explore potential partnership and emerging business opportunities within the next economic revolution towards low-carbon and climate resilient development

This is closely related to the work we are doing around Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserves as Assist Social Capital has been working actively around establishing Social Enterprise as part of the strategy in Biosphere Reserves towards Sustainable Development based on a social capital approach. The two main areas we work on at the moment are: 

  1. OASIIS ... Opening Access to Sustainable Independent Income Streams - is an easy-to-use online platform gathering socio-economic data showcasing the real and positive impact of local sustainable businesses who are delivering social and environmental benefits in and around Biosphere Reserves. 
  2. Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserve Development Framework - is a development framework based on a social capital approach towards sustainability focusing on four main pillars of social enterprise, social investment, sustainable public procurement and public participation.

#OASIIS #innovate4climate

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