Social Enterprise Network Impact Evaluation

Scotland's Social Enterprise Networks Found to Increase Connectivity by 1,000%

About the SEN Pilot

A common theme among third sector organisations is the challenge to measure and report on social impact. More often than not, outputs that are comparatively easy to measure are used, such as the number of people supported or the events and activities delivered. But often the questions what difference did the actions really make and can they really be attributed are left unanswered. Unlocking > Potential (U>P) is a new cloud based platform that turns soft outcomes into hard numbers and visualises the human impact in terms of relationship networks.  

During 2017-18, U>P was piloted with 4 of the 22 Social Enterprise Networks (SENs) - Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Health - to give a broader, deeper understanding of the social impact being delivered for their members and the wider social enterprise sector. 

The pilot confirms that U>P provides a standardised methodology to measure and report on social impact, as per the aim of point 2F.5 of the first Social Enterprise Action Plan.

Key Outcomes

The results clearly demonstrate that SENs provide an invaluable support infrastructure for their members increasing connectivity by as much as 1,000%; 10 times the amount of connections they could access on their own.

This report proves that social enterprises with access to a SEN gain significantly, individually and collectively, benefiting the sector as a whole. By joining a SEN, social enterprises in Scotland are best placed to understand how to plot their course through startup to scale up with access to peer support, expert professional network facilitators and direct, face-to-face connections

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