Unlocking Potential for Social Enterprise Networks

We are pleased to be launching a pilot project with the support of the Scottish Government to document the impact of Scotland’s Social Enterprise Networks (SENs). We will be working with 4 of the 24 SENs using our online social capital evaluation tool U>P ('Unlocking more than Potential').

Social Enterprise Action Plan

This work is outlined in the Scottish Government Social Enterprise Action Plan 2017-2020 which sets out the first steps towards  building as well as supporting a more sustainable social enterprise sector based on three main priorities:

(1) Stimulating Social Enterprise

(2) Developing Stronger Organisations, and

(3) Realising Market Opportunities 

The second priority 'Demonstrating Social Value' (2F.) is aimed at exploring ways which enable social enterprise to evidence the impact they are having across Scotland in a holistic, transparent as well as compelling way.

To achieve that the Scottish Government plans to 'Test new methods of demonstrating values' (2F.5) by testing measurement models and technologies such as ASC's  'Unlocking more than Potential' platform.

Demonstrating Social Value of Social Enterprise with U>P

Over the next year, ASC will work in partnership with four of the SENs using U>P to measure and evidence the value of their social networks.

U>P ('Unlocking more than Potential' ) is a cloud-based evaluation tool which allows social enterprises and other third sector organisations to measure, monitor and manage social capital by demonstrating positive change taking place in terms of connectivity, trust and the value of relationship networks.

For more information visit www.unlocking-potential.co



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