EuroMAB 2013 – Canada

EuroMAB 2013

EuroMAB 2013 in Canada was the platform to launch the Framework for Social Enterprise Development.  The Framework has been developed with support from the Scottish Government as part of the International Social Enterprise Initiative. SEBR Framework Summary

Assist Social Capital ran two workshops at the event, in partnership with Stan Boychuk (Chair of Canada MAB), to launch the Framework and work with individuals from Biospheres on practical examples where they could implement the Framework.  The Framework was launched by Colin Campbell on Day 1 and followed by 3 presentations highlighting Case Studies by 3 of the Framework partners.

  1. Social Enterprise – Jean-Philippe L Messier, Coordinator Manicouagan-Uapishka BR
  1. Social Entrepreneurship  – Johanna MacTaggart, Coordinator Vastra Gotaland BR and Sweden MAB
  1. Public Participation – Nuria Alonso Leal, Head Manager of Ancares Leoneses Biosphere Reserve


On Day 2 Brenda Kuecks, Chief Executive of Eco Trust Canada gave a presentation about support available in Canada for environmentally focused social enterprises.


Putting ideas into Action 

In the final part of the workshop ideas for social enterprises in Biosphere in Greece, Austria and Canada were presented and brainstormed  with other delegates.


EuroMAB Working Group

The EuroMAB Social Enterprise & Biospheres Working Group was established as a result of the workshop at EuroMAB 2013, where the Social Enterprise & Biosphere Development Framework was launched. In addition, there was a call to establish a cluster for Biospheres interested in using the approach outlined in the Framework as part of their strategic plans and a Facebook page was established to help facilitate this.

You can download a copy of the outcomes from our EuroMAB 2013 workshops here.

And a full report on EuroMAB 2013 here.