NIDOS Social Capital Profile

Originally formed in 2000, NIDOS (now known as Scotland’s International Development Alliance)  was established to build capacity within Scottish International NGOs, to help raise awareness of international development within Scotland, and to develop and represent Scottish organisations’ perspectives on international development.

NIDOS was formed partly in response to the creation of a newly devolved Scottish Parliament, but also in recognition of Scotland’s separate identity and relative physical isolation from the bulk of the UK’s international development sector, which is predominantly based in London and the South East.

In 2006, the then Network Development Manager approached ASC to explore the impact that NIDOS was having on building a community for international development organisations based in Scotland. They were clear about their impact in terms of number of events, the training materials they were creating and the number of members, but despite repeated efforts to find a way to effectively measure the more ‘soft indicators’, it wasn’t clear if there was a sense of community that would provide a safe space to grow the sector and its impact.  Therefore, prior to this report the social capital being generated by NIDOS was un-reportable and therefore unmanageable.

Over the course of 2006-2007, we carried out 19 interview. At the time of the evaluation there were a total of 64 in total. The results of the evaluation provide clear evidence of a multi-layered mix in the quantity and quality of relationships and the shared understanding (norms and values) of the network being formed.

The Social Capital Profile identifies NIDOS as an organisation that is successfully building social capital in its member’s Network. As a direct result of NIDOS’ activities, relationships amongst Network members increased by 255% after joining. Of the 188 relationships established 41% are bridging, 34% bonding and 25% linking. Eighteen percent of them are Reciprocal and 28% are Trusting.

Overall the Network scored 61% for Well-being. Members believe NIDOS is doing an excellent job of disseminating relevant information; providing access to quality services and support, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation; and improving understanding of Scotland’s International Development Sector. NIDOS’ staff and the Network members themselves are of particular importance to members’ involvement in the Network. In general the perception of trust in the NIDOS Network is high.

Download a copy of the report Nidos Social Capital Report

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