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Hosts & Speakers from the Workshop

Hosts & Speakers from the Workshop

Economics in and around Biosphere Reserves

In March 2016, Assist Social Capital launched the new OASIIS platform in Lima (Peru) at the 4th World Congress on Biosphere ReservesOASIIS was introduced during the workshop 'Economics in and around Biosphere Reserves' with an introductory message by Mr John Swinney (Deputy First Minister, Scottish Government).

The workshop, chaired by Colin Campbell (Assist Social Capital), explored the potential of social entrepreneurship and collaboration with private sector, public sector and civil society, to enhance the role of biosphere reserves as model regions for sustainable development in their role to find local solutions to global challenges by using green and blue economy, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social investment and venture philanthropy as vehicles for sustainable development in and around biosphere reserves.

Recommendations from the workshop;

  • Develop a thematic social enterprise network within WNBR: There is a need to communicate more broadly the value of social enterprise as well as a need for support and training.
  • Continued development of OASIIS: There is a need to create models and show good examples.
  • Put an emphasis on Social Entrepreneurship as a driving mechanism that will drive the shift towards a sustainable future in local regions, a tool for biosphere reserves to find Local Solutions to Global Challenges.
  • Produce regular OASIIS Report on socio-economic indicators of the impact of social entrepreneurship in and around BRs

More information about the workshop and a copy of the report produced by rapporteur Johanna MacTaggart can be found that can be found here

What is OASIIS?

OASIIS is an online platform designed to encourage and promote sustainable development in and around Biosphere Reserves and other protected places. It provides a new tool to visualise and gather socio-economic data to evidence local economic opportunities that biosphere reserves provide towards long-term economic development and stronger communities.

Who can use OASIIS?

The aim is to make this information as widely available as possible so

  1. Coordinators and the organisations they work with can promote what they do and
  2. other key stakeholders and the general public can see and better understand the value and opportunity that the businesses in and around protected places represent

OASIIS aims to engage businesses in and around protected places that are delivering social and environmental benefits and provide them with an opportunity to connect with other like-minded businesses (locally, nationally and internationally) to share information and provide access to new markets and investment opportunities.

Unfortunately, due to challenges beyond our control, the OASIIS-BR project came to an end in 2019. For more information contact us.

View of the OASIIS platform

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