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Do you know any businesses trading for the benefit of People & the Planet who need investment?  Awareness of the damage our way of life is doing to the planet is growing and social entrepreneurs all over the world are responding to the challenge, but they need resources to scale up if we are to achieve the SDGs by 2030! OASIIS (Opening Access to Sustainable Independent Income Streams) is providing a gateway to investment specifically for these initiative found in protected areas.

‘Public participation’, defined as involving those affected by decision-making processes is hugely important to helping scale up the move towards a sustainable economy. Social entrepreneurship provides citizens with the opportunities they need to be involved in a meaningful way.  Effective public participation allows the public’s opinions and values to be understood and integrated into decisions that affect them. Active participation in how our communities and the economy can facilitate cooperation, ownership, and trust, the basis of generating social capital for the benefit of all. 

This is the basis for the work that ASC has been doing to introduce a social enterprise approach to supporting social entrepreneurs in areas of high biodiversity, since 2011.

In 2013 Assist Social Capital developed and launched the Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserves Development Framework which lays the foundation for the approach, based on the Scottish model of social enterprise. The framework is based on the triple bottom line, incorporating People, Planet and Profit. It unites four key factors; Social Enterprise; Sustainable Public Procurement; Public Participation (or Social Capital); and Social Investment, all essential for creating and maintaining resilient local communities. The SEBR Development Framework was a step-change in protected area management as it incorporated economic factors and local businesses, rarely considered in traditional conservation research and management and was the basis the incorporation of social entrepreneurship into UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme strategy (Lima Action Plan, C.6.) blazing a trial for protected area management globally.

To support this work ASC developed the OASIIS (Opening Access to Sustainable Independent Income Streams) platform, a unique approach uniting intelligent data, social entrepreneurship and social investment. OASIIS, was launched in 2016 during the 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserves in Lima, Peru.

In October 2018, we were awarded runner up in the international PANORAMA prize for innovation in Biofinance from the IUCN and UNDP, which were awarded at COP 14 in Egypt.

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