Public Participation

Public Participation

- involving citizens in decision-making processes

‘Public participation’ can be defined as involving those affected by decision-making processes. It provides citizens with the opportunities they need to be involved in a meaningful way.  Effective public participation allows the public’s opinions and values to be understood and integrated into decisions that affect them.

When delivered effectively participation can facilitate 

cooperation, ownership, and trust

They are a concrete result of participation. Processes that encourage collective ownership restore and reinforce relationships among different parts of the community that otherwise would seldom come into contact with each other.

As a result, outcomes will be more sustainable and mutually beneficial for the whole community. This, in turn, creates increased confidence and greater capacity to respond locally to challenges, leading to resilient communities capable of self-organising. 

Participatory approaches are based on the fundamental belief in the value of engaging and empowering citizens to identify local solutions to local issues. 

ASC uses a range of participatory process in our work including World Cafe, Open Space, Appreciative Enquiry, Dynamic Facilitation.

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