Unlocking Potential

 U>P (Unlocking Potential) by Measuring, Managing and Monitoring Social Capital

- Assist Social Capital can help you unlock the potential you need to deliver the difference you want to see and to demonstrate it

 What does U>P do?

U>P provides a Social Capital Evaluation platform to measure and evidence the value of social networks by

  • reporting on the quantity and quality of relationships in a network
  • identifying how members connect with one another and with external stakeholders

This information can be used for developing Action Plans that strengthen the impact of outcomes.

Why measure Social Capital?

Social Capital offers a viable way forward increasing capacity to self-organise and move towards resilience for communities and individuals alike.

Outputs of U>P

  • Social Capital Compass™ Diagrams to measure social capital levels 
  • Social Network Maps at individual as well as aggregated levels to evidence changes in the networks
  • Databank of all Social Capital evidence
  • Final Report 

Who is U>P for?

U>P is can be used by any organisation, project and/or social enterprise so measure and evidence their social capital. 

We provide different packages including different components of U>P depending on what is the most suitable for your organisation, project or business. 

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