SEBR Network

Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserve Network

The SEBR Network was launched at EuroMAB in Canada in 2013. A working group (SEBR WG) was then formed to further develop and exchange ideas, as well as raise awareness of social enterprise and social capital in biosphere reserves.

At the 4th World Congress in Lima, 2016, the SEBR Network became open to any biosphere reserve within the World Network of Biosphere Reserves interested in engaging with socially responsible businesses in their region. The network has a particular focus on businesses that reinvest their profits for social and environmental benefits.

The SEBR WG supports the network by working with the approach in their own contexts. SEBR WG also activitly promote opportunities for biosphere reserves to become living laboratories that can incubate, accelerate and facilitate the development of and investment into businesses that align with the aims and objectives of UNESCO-designated biosphere reserves.

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Social Enterprise and Biosphere Reserves, A new roadmap