Social Enterprise

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who believe passionately in achieving benefit for their community via the running of an organisation. Have a look at Floats International and other projects on the social enterprise page for examples.  Social entrepreneurs are people who are prepared to ‘get their hands dirty’ doing what is necessary to achieve their social aim and who have the dogged determination to see it through. They often use social enterprise as a vehicle to carry out this work, choosing it for the independence and creative approach that can be found in a self-financing model as opposed to the more traditional method of charitable giving and grants.

The term social enterprise began to be used in the early 1990’s. Since then the notion of social enterprise has become ever more popular. According to the European Commission, there are 2 million social enterprises in the EU (representing 10 per cent of all European businesses) and they employ over 11 million people (the equivalent of 6 per cent of the working population of the EU). In EU Member States, social enterprises are present in almost every sector of the economy, including banking, insurance, agriculture, crafts, various commercial services, and health and social services.

Social enterprises are values based businesses that generate networks of positive relationships while delivering sustainable economic development. They have three fundamental characteristics; trade either goods or services as much as possible to generate income, contain an asset lock (all surpluses are reinvested) and operate to achieve social and/or environmental objectives. They aspire to be self sustaining and create employment opportunities through income generation.

Assist Social Capital CIC is a social enterprise. We conform to the principles of social enterprise as laid out by the Social Enterprise Code of Practice.



Engaging Community Assets


Floats International

Facilitate swim schools and provide training for Aquatic professionals

Introduction to Social Enterprise and Feasibility Studies

Are you interested in social enterprise? Do you want to know more? Do you need support taking something forward or expanding an existing service? We have experience in this area and can help